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[pW 4.0] National language support

PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:30 pm
by JohnM
PowerWorship 4.0 does not yet support national language characters associated with certain non-English languages.

Support for non-English languages is planned for an upcoming PowerWorship 4.0 maintenance release.

PowerWorship 3.2 (which supports PowerPoint, but not OpenOffice) is recommended for non-English language use, for the time being - until PowerWorship 4.0 provides the same level of NLS character support, in the upcoming maintenance release (4.0.3) planned for early 2014.

See the following forum topic for information on working with non-English languages using PowerWorship 3.2.

Note: Licensed users of PowerWorship 3.x may request a free upgrade to version 4.0 for up to one year after the original license purchase date, by emailing support AT powerworship DOT com.