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Post by techidave » Sat May 22, 2010 7:46 pm

I am going to put in my 2 cents on the wonderful product that PowerWorship is. Three years ago, i started evaluating church worship software as our little church got a projector. I looked at probably 10 or 15 different pieces of software both free and the ones you have to buy. I found them difficult to use for the most part and I am fairly techie. I knew that I would need to find something that was easy to use if I was ever going to get away from being the one in charge.

somehow I stumbled upon PowerWorship, probably through a Google search. I found it fairly easy to use and since it uses PowerPoint which most people have some familiarity with, so that was a big plus.

Recently I started making suggestions for improving the program (IMHO) and found that he was more than willing to update as he has time. I appreciate this. It must be difficult to support and raise a family and then support a sweet program like this.

I feel bad that I haven't yet sent a donation to him but will do so shortly. I would encourage others to also make a donation if they are able to do so. Here is a link to donate with: http://www.powerworship.com/donate.html

Thanks again John for a wonderful program and keep up the good work! :D


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Re: testimonial

Post by JohnM » Sun May 23, 2010 6:33 am

Thanks Dave, I appreciate your kind words and all that you do to help. Donations are much appreciated as people feel led to give. I would estimate the current monthly support and Web hosting cost at $100. Over the ten year period since I originally developed PowerWorship total donations have been in the ballpark of $45. :( That said, I haven't done much to solicit donations and for several years there was no donate button on the site. :wink: Judging by the Web hosting statistics, PowerWorship gets over 100 downloads a month. I don't know how many of those downloads amount to new users who eventually decide to use the program (vs. folks upgrading, etc.) but I would estimate that if 20% of new users made the suggested donation of $5, that would meet the monthly support need of $100. Four years ago, I all but decided to shutdown the Web site (to save money) since I was seeing lots of new products out there and mine hadn't been updated in years, but there was an overwhelming response from folks who I notified about my pending decision who really appreciated the program and used it every week. There are less expensive Web hosting packages out there (than the one I am one) but the quality of service (up time, site performance, etc.) would not be as good. Having said all that :D thanks to everyone who has made donations in the past and to those who feel led to donate in the future. I plan to continue supporting PowerWorship as long as the Lord continues to provide.

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