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Download and Install Instructions (Windows XP, Vista)

PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2008 8:18 am
by JohnM
PowerWorship for Multiplatforms, version 0.1, alpha 1
Download and Install Instructions for Windows XP, Vista

Note: PowerWorship for Multiplatforms (which has limited features) is only recommended on platforms where PowerWorship 4.0 is not supported (e.g. on platforms other than Windows). If you intend to use PowerWorship on Windows - it is recommended to download and install PowerWorship 4.0 instead, now that PowerWorship 4.0 supports both Microsoft PowerPoint and Apache OpenOffice.

PowerWorship 4.0 (for Windows) can be downloaded from the following location:

Visit the following forum topic for Mac OS X download and installation instructions for PowerWorship for Multiplatforms:

PowerWorship for Multiplatforms, version 0.1, alpha 1
[Archived] Download and Install Instructions for Windows XP, Vista

1) Download and Install Apache OpenOffice.

2) Download PowerWorship from the following URL (for your version of OpenOffice) and unzip the archive (e.g. using WinZip or InfoZip) to any location on your hard drive (e.g. C:\Program Files).

The location where you unzipped the archive should now contain a directory named PowerWorshipMP_0.1.
This directory will be referred to as <pwmp_install_root> in the remaining steps.

3) Launch WordPad (Start > Programs > Accessories > WordPad) and then select File > Open and navigate to <pwmp_install_root> and then select All Documents under "Files of type".

Select pworship.bat and click Open.


Scroll down (if needed) and make sure OO_HOME points to the correct location, depending where you installed


Next, make sure JAVA_HOME is set to the correct location for the Java Runtime Environment on your system.

On Windows 7 and later you can open a command prompt and type "where java" (without the quotes) to determine where the JRE is installed on your system, assuming the java executable is found on the system PATH.

If you do not have a JRE installed you can download Java SE 5 (or later) here:

Once you are finished editing the OO_HOME and JAVA_HOME settings, save your changes to the pworship.bat script and exit WordPad.

4) To launch PowerWorship, navigate to <pwmp_install_root> using Windows Explorer and double-click the pworship.bat script.


The PowerWorship main program window should be displayed.


Where to enter your CCLI number

PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2008 8:52 am
by JohnM
Where to enter your CCLI number

Edit <pwmp_install_root>\config\pwconfig.xml (e.g. using WordPad) and replace REPLACE with your CCLI license number. The CCLI number you enter here will be displayed on the last slide (along with the copyright information) for each song.

Changing the alignment of song lyrics

You can also change the alignment setting in this file. For example, you can change align="center" to either align="left" or align="right". This will affect the alignment of song lyrics on presentation slides generated by PowerWorship.

Known limitations

You cannot yet modify the CCLI number nor the lyrics alignment setting through the user interface, hence the need to update the configuration file manually. However, you can change the font settings through the user interface (via the Format menu).


Re: Download and Install Instructions (Windows XP, Vista)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 4:03 pm
by JohnM
Update: The above download and install instructions are now updated for OpenOffice 4.

However, given PowerWorship 4.0 now supports OpenOffice, if you intend to run PowerWorship on Microsoft Windows (vs. Mac OS, etc.) it is recommended to use PowerWorship 4.0 for Windows, instead of the PowerWorship 0.1 for Multiplatforms, since the Multiplatform edition has limited features and formatting capabilities, etc.

Visit the following location to download PowerWorship 4.0 for Windows.