pW 3.1: Using the CCLI Converter

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pW 3.1: Using the CCLI Converter

Post by JohnM » Sat Jun 19, 2004 7:36 am

The PowerWorship - CCLI coverter for SongSelect® allows you to covert songs downloaded from CCLI SongSelect (as *.txt files) to the PowerWorship format. You must have a valid CCLI license and SongSelect subscription to download songs from CCLI SongSelect.

Note: The CCLI converter for SongSelect® is provided for use with PowerWorship 3.1 (archive release).
PowerWorship 3.2.3 (and later) provide bulit-in support for importing song lyrics files downloaded from CCLI SongSelect.

1. Download the CCLI songs to your computer (e.g. to c:\temp\CCLI) from

2. Dowload the CCLI Converter from Use a file compression program (e.g. WinZip - to extract the CCLI Converter from the downloaded .zip file. Remember the directory where you extract (copy) the coverter to.

3. Navigate to the directory (using My Computer or Windows Explorer) where you extracted the coverter and run CCLI_Converter.exe to launch the program.

4. The CCLI Converter has two fields that you must set before running the converter: 1) Input Directory and 2) Output Directory. Set the Input Directory by entering the full directory path (e.g. c:\temp\CCLI) or click the Browse button to select the directory. After you enter a valid directory, if the directory contains any .txt or .cfm files (the allowable file extensions for the converter) the files/songs will be displayed in the CCLI Songs list (below the Output Directory box).

5. Set the Output Directory by entering the full directory path (e.g. c:\Program Files\PowerWorship 3.0\Songs) or click the Browse button to select the directory. If you enter the PowerWorship songs directory as the output directory, once you run the converter and restart PowerWorship, the songs will appear in the PowerWorship song list. If you enter some other directory, you will need to copy the songs to the PowerWorship songs directory (and then restart PowerWorship) before they will be available to PowerWorship.

6. After you have entered the Input and Output directories and you see that the Converter found your CCLI song(s), which are now displayed in the CCLI songs list, click the Run button to run the converter. Unless an error message is displayed (e.g. Invalid Directory) "Done" will be displayed in the bottom, left corner of the converter dialog after a second or two.

7. Click the Close button to exit the Converter program.

8. If you did not specify the PowerWorship songs directory as the Output Directory, you should now copy the newly converted song files from the Output Directory to the PowerWorship songs directory (e.g. c:\Program Files\PowerWorship 3.0\Songs). You will need to restart PowerWorship before the new songs will show up in the PowerWorship songs list.

Note: After adding the songs to PowerWorship, verify the author and copyright fields, etc. are in the right place (e.g. in the Song Editor). The SongSelect file format has changed a couple of times in recent years and the CCLI converter for SongSelect has not yet been updated in response to the changes on the CCLI side.